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posted on 14 Jul 2012 20:56 by thesui
really sorry for let you all open the page and see nothing here T T
First of all, sorry for can't updating in Thai!! I can't use it here since 
the computer is belong to my host family and that's also a reason why I can't
recently update.
Really thank you for visiting my tiny space even there's nothing here for now
and also for a long while...It's quiet not fun to reading in Enalish right?
My Japanese also really bad too! hahahaha, that's true...soooooo hard!!
Today I just coming to up some pictures I draw during stay here....
Well, it's not good at all llOTL and as I told all of you million times,
I don't know how to use photoshop or SAI!! Toooooo stupid!!!
so the following pictures gonna be all hand made....sorry for the really low
quanlity cuz here is quiet hard to do as same as home!
Also....sorry for my low skill kaaaaaa Foot in mouth
What I get from Shippuden ending 21 <3!!!
I think I'm this couple fan???? hahahaha...maybe XD!
Also from ED 21
[u keep waiting for someone to coming or something to happen...
waiting for something I never know what it is?

....but u ever look my way? ever know that I'm here,
right behind u,waiting for u to turn to...]
Well then.......I'm the fan OTL
Last for this time <3

This is what I like most. While working on this, I also listen to SUMMER TIME,
a song by NEWS <3
Love that and you should try kaaaa <3

けいちゃん大好き!! ははははは
And the last pic, is what I'm doing here!!
みんな大好き <3




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Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!


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